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Serial Entrepreneur   | Healthcare Consultant |   Business Strategist | 7 Figure Coder

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Sherie Thomas is a dream cultivator, an influencer of women, a serial entrepreneur and business strategist with a gift to transform dreams and visions into reality!  Many careers and businesses successful vitality can be attributed to this phenomenal leader and mentor. She is the 7 figure coder; who not only connects, promotes and empowers individuals and organizations; but also inspires equality, health and confidence.


Sherie Thomas leads one of the largest celebration of women with over 100 events and 15,000 participants. Sherie Thomas cultivates dreams of corporate events ranging from empowerment, leadership, fitness, professional development, makeup, social media and much more. An expert medical reimbursement and compliance instructor, who superintends the regional medical coding and billing community, owns and manages a vocational college, and practice management firm. She is a management expert who understands the financial stability of a healthcare facility is the structural ingredient that allows the doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and other healthcare professionals to do what they do best; shine as they walk on the red carpet of their communities, be respected and awarded by their peers, and greeted by their patients.



Medical Money Makers are the ones working in the background, translating their work into much higher profits and permanent liquidity solutions, which in turn means job creation and security, better pay and better career opportunities, better facilities and equipment, and ultimately and crucially an overall far better patient care experience.

Louisiana Healthcare Institute is a vocational college with programs in medical coding, medical billing and healthcare compliance.

On the one hand, we offer highly specialized education that provides a national certification curriculum and federally approved apprenticeship that leads to highly skilled job creation.  On the other hand, our trained professionals have an impressive track record of helping healthcare organizations increase productivity and revenue by 20% by effecting key changes to workflow, clinical documentation, billing and revenue cycle management.  After all, a solid and thriving medical practice needs to keep medical coding and billing, reimbursement and clinical documentation working out as perfectly as any medical procedure.  That’s why we focus on offering a rare and uniquely designed apprenticeship that allows healthcare professionals to master these aspects of the healthcare organizations that they own or work for. In a way, we’re in the business of training backstage heroes.

Workforce & Development facilitates growth to ensure professionals reach the peak expect from your career.  We are here to coach you to make the most of your talent and full potential with a business-driven approach.  We are dedicated to helping you reach new heights, both professionally and financially.

Sherie Thomas is the former Louisiana Regional President of the national organization, American Academy of Professional Coders with over 500 regional members.  AAPC is the world’s largest training and credentialing organization for the business of healthcare, with more than 180,000 members worldwide who work in medical codingmedical billingclinical documentation improvementmedical auditinghealthcare compliancerevenue cycle management, and practice management.

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